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Delve deep into the world of exploration, ceremony & Transformational Intimacy with Phoenix Amara. 

– Temple Arts Offerings – 


Learn more about an exploration session below, and take the leap through booking an introductory session to Temple Arts Tantra. 

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With unique and custom somatic experiences, training and guidance to embody more confidence in your sensuality, and transform your relationship to self and others. 



Experience and apply the foundations of Temple Arts  in this immersive and intimate online seven week in-person training. You’ll receive guidance and  tools to experience radical shifts in  transformational intimacy, sensuality & sexual expression.

I’m feeling powerful since our last session.

I see a new destination and I already feel what it’s been like to be on the path to it. It feels good. Alive, embodied, powerful, mindful, connected, grounded, sexy. Your touch, so charged with energy and intent. So it is with your gaze, piercing into me with honesty, beauty and acceptance. A beautifully calm yet energized presence to be near. – 3 Month Mentorship Graduate

I found out more about myself in 7 weeks than I have had in the last 10 years combined.

I challenged myself to levels I had previously never imagined. I feel like I was launched on a new path of self-discovery and authentic human experiences.

– 7 Week Immersion Graduate

This 7 week immersion occurred over one of the most life changing moments of my life and it has given me strength to move through life’s bondages with pleasure.

Through this wonderful 7 week immersion, I feel as if I’ve emerged into a whole new radiant being through knowing myself on a deeper level. The ability to be vulnerable in a group setting and in one-on-one settings has allowed my openness in my daily life a little deeper and a little more with friends.
– 7 Week Immersion Graduate

I personally feel really proud of myself for taking in the participation of this course and taking the leap of faith.

No matter the distance or timing or whichever seemed to come up. I knew that this would be very important to mine & my partner’s soul evolution, and to our global evolution at an expansive time in our history, and to take these this knowledge and bring it forward. – 7 Week Immersion Graduate

I'm so grateful to have met you and taken the course.

I’ve been thinking lately about how our initial ideas about something often end up being considerably different than the final analysis. The initial view held of Tantra is that it’s all about sex but upon reflecting on the matter it came as a surprise that the sex is almost secondary.

Tantra is, in my humble opinion, a quest for personal freedom. If we can’t love, appreciate and understand ourselves, how can we fully love, appreciate, and understand a partner? Only by being open and comfortable with ourselves can we give our best to others. – 7 Week Immersion Graduate

Phoenix Amara what you are doing is so incredible to see and experience.

I wanted to thank you for an amazing experience the other day, it was beautiful and thoughtfully put together. I am so grateful to experience this beautiful unfolding and to be part of it. I often wonder how you are able to put this together and what you are getting from these ceremonies and immersion group settings, but after Saturday’s ceremony I think I see it now.

I wish I had known who you were when we first met, you truly are so much more than I had ever expected.

Benefits of

– Temple Arts – 


Experience the power of Temple Arts with me.

Exploring the power of sacred sexuality, art therapy, ceremony and Tantric practice is the best path in experiencing transformational intimacy, true contentment, and energy mastery. It is the antidote to the connection crisis of our times – bringing one back into their heart and communion with others.

Most people think tantric work and sacred sexuality is JUST about becoming better at SEX. 


Desiring deeper intimacy with their partners: From our societies lack of sexual education, to the misinformation in porn, and combined with the myriad of societal suppression and stigma around sexuality – it’s no wonder most couples experience some intimacy issues.

You’ll learn beautiful practices to communicate and share your desires, co-create rituals and ceremonies you can try together, and employ the deeper foundations that create more openings for authentic sexual & emotional connecting.

Wanting to overcome sexual anxiety, or master ejaculation control/stamina: We’ll work with a combination of practices & experiences to slow down your body and mind, relax your nervous system, and calibrate your being to your own natural sexual rhythms. Incorporating ancient techniques to generating Qi (life force), using breath, and guided visualization – many people have gone on to become confident multi-orgasmic lovers.

• Heal Sexual Trauma: Lovingly work with releasing trauma from the nervous system and body through somatic journey work, mind/body connection rituals, and transformational intimacy work – to create trust and feel honoured in your boundaries, and begin softening the edges of protection.

• Deepened spiritual connection & self-love: Through nature-based pagan practices cultivated through the ancient traditions of the European, Sumerian, and Ancient Egyptians, utilize the power of sex magic, kundalini activation, and higher-self honouring to experience deeper spirit connection.

Explore hidden sexual desires & fantasies: Most people have not had the space or support to fully express their deepest desires and heart.  Experience and heal these aspects through Sacred Sexual Theatre – a unique practice created specially through Temple Arts.


Gateway Intro Journey

Perfect for: 

• Men or women seeking greater support in accessing pleasure in their bodies, overcoming shame or fear about their sexuality, or desiring to embody & express their fullest expression

Couples whom are experiencing barriers or challenges in their intimacy, sexuality, or relationship

• Those new to sexuality & spiritual work who’d like to experience the power of Temple Arts without making a huge commitment



What to expect in the Journey

This is an Introductory 2.5-hour In-person Session; an experiential foundation to the basics of tantric Initiation, weaving chakra energy healing work, breath work, intimacy work, and somatic ceremony massage. You’ll tangibly feel & understand energy mastery, breath control, and building pleasure energy.

“Working from the principles of the Temple Arts, we explore the essential Tantric practices of intuitive touch, intimacy communication, Chakra energy meridians, Microcosmic Orbit Breath work, and healing sensual touch.”

The session begins with light music and ritual that sets our mutual intentions along with a guided breath session to relax and connect into your body and the space. We’ll then begin a guided visualization to embody the tenets of sacred sexual energy philosophy, kundalini, and conscious evolutionary expansion. This visualization will then build into a sacred touch ritual to awaken the senses, build consensual intimacy, and learn how to feel your energetic body.

From there, experience the fine art of surrender in a Hot Oil Somatic Massage Ceremony – custom tailored to your specific intentions set out in our opening ceremony. 

Slow, sensual and designed to awaken your sensual and erotic senses – you’ll be guided in channelling erotic energy into your heart and body to further your capacity to experience full body orgasmic awakening. 

You’ll go home with practices you can use to expand upon your first session, and from there we can determine the next steps in your path.



How to Book Your Session

The first step to booking your session is to book a free and quick 30 minute consultation to see if this is a good fit for you and your needs. Bring your questions, concerns, and intentions – and you’ll be held in this discovery. 


Temple Arts Initiate


Become a Temple Arts Initiate

This three month deep dive is the next step for those whom have completed an introductory session with me or have booked a consultation call, and are hungry for a more robust experience and study of Temple Arts.

Because of the nature of the work, developing a commitment to exploring the principles over 3 months is a natural and organic way to fully learn and embody the foundations of Temple Arts together.


This is perfect if you want to: 

  • Overcome shame, fear and guilt connected with your sexuality, and experience pleasure in your body.
  • Master the Art of Ejaculation Control, build stamina and experience Full Body Orgasm.
  • Become a Masterful lover in building trust, love, and energy for your partner
  • Develop a deeper, lasting and more intimate bond with your partner, and experience ecstatic states of soul lovemaking.
  • Overcome any hidden feelings of shame & guilt around your Primal Masculine/or Feminine side, and explore the work of embracing the shadow aspects of the masculine. 
  • Feel empowered in your confidence in intimate and romantic relationships and fully accept your Primal Sexual Energy
  • Our voyage will be intimate, beautiful, playful, and will require a level of vulnerability and trust in myself and the process. 

While this mentorship is available to those of all genders, each and every journey is specially customized to take into account your current level/understanding of tantric practice & transformational work, current needs, desires, and areas of interest. Couples also welcome.


  • 6x 2.5 hour long Experiences (In-person or online) over 3 months designed to awaken your heart, mind and body. See below for more details on journey overview. Online coaching only receives one weekly 90 min coaching call in lieu of live in person sessions.
  • Unlimited email support and follow up practices to integrate the experiences into tangible practice extending into the various aspects of your life. We’ll explore any issues/challenges/blocks that come up, discuss the emotional patterns being released, and presence what you’re calling into your heart, soul and life.
  • Body Bliss Box: A specially designed ritual kit to support your journey into Awakening the Lover Within. Kit includes 3 Fundamental Tantra Books, special oil blends, crystals and other specialty gifts associated with Tantra.
  • Monthly Guides exploring the philosophy and tenets: Each month’s guide includes history, journalling practices, homework and detailed descriptions of rituals, practices, and Tantric exercises.                            Weekly Calls & Check-in’s. 

Month 1: Awakening the Senses

Our initial month will explore the awakening of our spiritual, emotional and energetic senses. From the physical senses – Sight, Sound, Touch, Taste and Smell, to the psychic, emotional and intuitive senses – feeling and harnessing the sacred sexual energy/life force is the first initiation.

Month 2: Divine Feminine

You’ll explore the deep embodied experiences of honouring, loving and softening to the feminine through – womb & yoni ceremony/pujas, intentional massage, heart opening, and communication with Gaia. Lean into opening the gateways of feminine energy.

Month 3: Divine Masculine

Embody and embrace the beauty of the Divine Primal Masculine through Power Dynamics and conscious kink. Through artfully constructing experiences of Submission/Domination – you’ll experience full surrendering to the feminine and full control of the Masculine/Feminine.

Certificate of Completion

Once you’ve completed all homework/journalling assignments, completed all journeys, and written your final brief reflection essay – you’ll receive a Level 1 – Certificate of Completion.

Ritual & Ceremony

Ritual and ceremony are a key element to starting each and every in-person journey, and is something you can share with your spouse or intimate partner. Starting our session off with an intention setting & honouring ritual allows us to leave the world behind, and be fully present for our time together.  

Intention Setting

Consciously creating intentions is the deep difference between being fully present to your desires & half-heartedly choose something. When we practice Temple Arts – we fully commit, to the journey, experience, emotions, honouring of desires, and also our boundaries (yes & no).  


Practicing simple and specific breath practices will help you focus on your body and being in the present moment – overcoming any anxiety, heightened feelings, or fear that can arise. Harnessing focus through the breath also helps in reigning in overwhelming desires & supporting multi-orgasmic potential.

Heart Practices

Develop trust and safety – to feel your heart, express it’s purest emotions and feelings, and be safe in giving and receiving love, through eye-gazing, affirmation/nervous system resets, guided journalling/reflection, and the practicing of speaking desires and setting boundaries.


Not only will we build trust through communicating our consent and boundaries, but also sharing your goals and desires for our Tantric journey. Are you looking to break free of sexual limitations, love yourself, or become multi-orgasmic? Whatever your desires, we’ll create space to share freely – from the heart.

Somatic Experiences

Our somatic experience will incorporate massage, chakra & energy healing, sensual energy building through dance, movement, and erotic touch. The key in this initial session is to relax, be present, enjoy, and just receive. Awakening to our full energy system is about being embodied – dropping out of the mind and logic, and into your pleasure. 

How to Apply for 3 Month Mentorship

The invitation to apply for the mentorship is offered to those whom have first had a consult call.  Due to the time commitment involved, there are limited spots per quarter for initiates – thus, those displaying deep intentions, interests and desires are preferred.