I don’t believe in accidents – I believe in miracles. And the fact that you’re reading this right now is proof your soul has been calling for greater communion, trust, and intimacy….and has brought you here.

What has feeling constricted, doubtful & shame around your sexuality cost you? What has feeling afraid to expose your most vulnerable self done to your feelings of confidence? What is the true value of feeling unlimited, confident, and unleashed in your fullest energy? 

Desiring the experience to taste someone’s soul on your tongue & truly feel their fiery essence under your skin….Unleashing your most erotic desires and most tender of emotions in the presence of one’s love & trust is something we all desire. 

The only difference is those who choose the path to do something about making it happen & those who don’t…


Discover the gateway to mastering your sexual energy & opening your heart.

The 3 Month Temple Arts Mentorship is the PERFECT way to learn the foundations of Temple Arts, study the power of transformational intimacy, and expand your capacity for pleasure. In as little as three months, I’ve seen people heal life-long trauma and sexual shame, re-awaken their romantic intimacy with a partner, and open up in becoming multi-orgasmic.

This mentorship is a valuable opportunity, as I only work with a select handful of initiates per year.

Included in this 3 Month Mentorship (time can be extended), you’ll meet with me a few times a month online to explore this powerful intimacy work. You’ll be provided with a monthly guide & overview of our journeys, receive special gifts, books and resources to deepen your knowledge, and personal support from me in your personal and romantic relationships. 

To begin, book a free consultation call with me, where we’ll cover any questions and ways I can support you. From there, we’ll schedule an introductory session – where you can experience it without any further commitment. If we both feel a solid YES! to continue, you’ll receive an invitation to begin your mentorship and we’ll begin. Read on for more details & info including what’s included, time commitment and investment.

3 Month Mentorship



Heal premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and sexual anxiety.

• Heal and release embedded trauma in the nervous system from sexual abuse or physical trauma. 

Develop a deeper spiritual practice & connection to yourself, your partner & the world.




Learn the secrets of becoming a masterful lover through Intuitive Orgasmic Touch, yoni/lingham honouring ceremonies, and masculine/feminine energy dynamics. 

Learn to RECEIVE & GIVE pleasure and induce heightened ecstatic states through learning breath work, touch, eye-gazing, and embodiment work.



 Learn powerful breath, meditation and touch practices to slow down, listen, and attune to your natural energy and rhythms.

Release subconscious programming of shame, fear, and guilt around your sexuality through guided visualization & journalling exercises. 


Explore the healing of Surrender and Domination Dynamics through Conscious BDSM and sacred kink.

Learn the secrets of Sacred Seduction  for enhanced erotic interplay in your relationship. 


How to Apply

The first step to booking your session is to book a free and quick 30 minute consultation to see if this is a good fit for you and your needs. Bring your questions, concerns, and intentions – and you’ll be held in this discovery. 


Become a Temple Arts Initiate

This three month deep dive is the next step for those whom have completed an introductory session with me, and are hungry for a more robust experience and study of erotic spiritual Wisdom.

Because of the intimate nature of the work, developing a commitment to exploring the principles over 3 months is a natural and organic way to fully learn and embody the foundations of Temple Arts together.


This is perfect if you want to: 

  • Master the Art of Ejaculation Control, build stamina and experience Full Body Orgasm and Intrajaculation
  • Become a Masterful lover in Building Sensual Tension and Energy for your partner, making her desire your every touch
  • Develop a deeper, lasting and more intimate bond with your partner, and experience ecstatic states of soul lovemaking.
  • Overcome any hidden feelings of shame & guilt around your Primal Masculine side, and explore the work of embracing the shadow aspects of the masculine. 

Our three month voyage will be illuminating, beautiful, playful, and will require a level of vulnerability and trust in myself and the process.  

While this mentorship is available to those of all genders, each and every journey is specially customized to take into account your current level/understanding of Tantra & transformational work, current needs, desires, and areas of interests. 

“Working from the principles of the Temple Arts, we explore the essential Tantric practices of intuitive touch, intimacy communication, Chakra energy meridians, Microcosmic Orbit Breath work, and healing touch.” 



    • 6x 2.5 hour long Journeys (online) over 3 months designed to awaken your heart, mind and body. See below for more details on journey overview. 
    • Unlimited email support and Coaching to integrate the experiences into tangible practice extending into the various aspects of your life. We’ll explore any issues/challenges/blocks that come up, discuss the emotional patterns being released, and presence what you’re calling into your heart, soul and life.
    • Body Bliss Box: A specially designed ritual kit to support your journey into Awakening the Lover Within. Kit includes 3 Fundamental Tantric Books, special oil blends, crystals and other specialty gifts associated with Temple Arts.
    • Monthly Guides exploring the philosophy and tenets: Each month’s guide includes history, journalling practices, homework and detailed descriptions of rituals, practices, and Tantric exercises. 

NOTE: Due to the time commitment involved, there are limited spots per quarter (12 spots for 2020). Currently accepting Applications for 2021. To begin, book your consultation & we can discuss the mentorship & introductory session. From there, taste the power of Temple Arts and if we’re both a YES, you’ll be given an invitation to mentor with me.  


This intimate mentorship with me is an exclusive opportunity to learn from my over 8+ years of experience in esoteric shamanic studies as well as learning the erotic arts. This is a unique opportunity to explore & heal the barriers keeping you from your innate bliss, pleasure & freedom in a safe container. Because of the personalized attention – each mentorship, while following a proven structure, is custom and unique to your individual history, current experience, and desires. Beyond our session time, there are countless hours of research and preparation made to break you out of your shells of comfort & safety and into the arms of ecstasy.

Our mentorship above & beyond what is included is infused with my utmost care, attention & devotion. While seemingly a priceless opportunity, this uniquely delicious chapter in your life is one that will become a pivotal memory in your journey of awakening to the arts of love.

The mentorship investment is one that reflects the quality of my training, expertise & experience. Having worked with hundreds of people over the past 7 years, the investment to work with me is worth the years it saves you from feeling disconnected, frustrated, and discouraged in your quest for liberated pleasure, communion and sensual expression.

 We discuss this and more details on a Consult Call.


Frequently Asked Questions…

Do you work with couples?

I work with those of all genders – men, women, queer, bi, trans – however most of my experience to date has been with those who identify as hetero women/men. Working with couples gives me extreme joy – and often female partners feel more safe to explore this work with an experienced female Tantrika. There are special options on my couples page for those who want to experience the mentorship as a couple – and you’ll find major shifts in your relationship in just 3 months. It’s often a better investment than straight ‘talk-therapy’.

I have a lot of shame, guilt and fear around my sexuality - will this be safe for me to experience?

As with the tenets of sacred sexuality – I deeply honour and practice the tenets of Safe, Sane and Consensual. Safe meaning to take care of each other – that all precautions have been taken to minimize potential dangers through discussion and assessment before any sessions occur. Sane is generally considered to be of a healthy mind and free from psychological act responsibly and exercise good judgement. The ability to engage in appropriate self control is a big part of the “sane” portion of this philosophy. And finally Consensual referring to the mandate that all parties involved have given informed consent prior to any activities.

I'm currently in a relationship and feel conflicted about needing help.

I hear you. Our society shames sacred sexuality, the exploration of our desires, and only pushes the monogamous narrative of relationships. This type of mentorship is honouring of relationships while also providing you the neccessary tools and skills to support you in deepening the relationship with yourself and others.  Many clients have reported that their relationships have only deepened and become stronger from sharing this work with their partner – reawakening intimacy, trust, and curious playful exploration.

I've experienced a lot of sexual trauma in the past and am worried this might bring it up. How will this help??

While stats show that one in three women, and one in four men have experienced sexual trauma, it’s likely those statistics are much higher. Sacred sexuality is the antidote to much of the abuse and harm of others in the world – and it is through these practices we can connect with our heart, release embedded trauma in the body, and begin cultivating a healthier connection with our sexuality. We advise anyone who has experienced trauma and abuse to communicate this to their practicioner, and from there we create a very solid agreement and safe and mutual plan to heal and work with those aspects. 

How do you determine the pricing for your work?

That’s a great question! I’ve  been training in the esoteric arts since my childhood, and more intently on Tantric and sacred sexuality education spent through courses, trainings, workshops and working with hundreds of clients. Having spend the last two decades studying energy medicine spiritual nature-based magic, and weaving that with sexual healing, Reiki and energy work along with burlesque, dance and other healing modalities – you’re accessing a wealth of information and wisdom for a fraction of the time and money I’ve invested. 

What if I'm not able to fit this into my schedule currently - within the 3 months.

While the 3 Month Mentorship is designed to be journeying with me every other week, life also comes up. We try to work with each other’s schedules, and sometimes that means booking every 3rd week, or longer. We endeavour to keep it contained to a 4-5 month period if need be. 

What if I only want to book per session? Can you accommodate my request?

This work requires a few things in order to truly gain the rewards – trust, devotion, and presence. Going deep with someone in this way means developing a deep sense of trust, me in you and you in me. That happens through devoting yourself to learning this work for a period of time, showing up, and making this a priority. You’ll also see greater benefits if you regularly practice and make this a priority in your life.

Do you engage in sexual activity?

While this work is highly intimate emotionally, I do not engage in any sexual activity or touch as a personal rule. My role as a mentor is to provide you with the tools so that you can practice with your partner(s) and I follow very strict  protocols, so as to ensure the emotional wellbeing and safety of all of my clients. 

I'm very intrigued and curious - though not sure the timing is right. Why should I work with you?

Many barriers to saying yes can come up around feelings of fear, shame and guilt – from investing in yourself, to not telling your partner, to feeling nervous to learn this work. There are also some that are not used to learning and listening from a woman….however, to become a masterful lover, this is exactly whom you should listen to. I’m very passionate about supporting people in finding a healthy and safe expression for their sexuality, and I only have so much time. If you’re reading this right now, you can take that as a sign that you’re exactly where you’re meant to be. Take a deep breath, place your hands on your heart, and tune in with your DESIRE (not your fear). It will tell you exactly what you need to hear. 

How to Apply for 3 Month Mentorship

There are currently 2 spots left for the rest of 2020 + 6 for 2021.

Book your Free Consultation to receive the information kit & explore the Magic of Temple Arts.