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 Have you ever had considered that there was more to sex & your relationships than you imagined? 

Perhaps you’ve become more interested in developing authentic self-love and awareness, or maybe your current relationship has felt stagnant and lifeless. Whether you’re partnered or solo, gay, woman, man, identify as LGBTQXI, or feel like nothing you’ve tried has worked – this is your gateway into experiencing your whole, beautiful and divine erotic self.  


Journey into your delicious, sensuous, and erotic self by exploring the different offerings of Temple Arts including in-person journeys, online sessions, mentoring and live events. You’ll find a range of options to serve your needs & budget. 

About Temple Arts



Bringing the Ancient Temple Arts back into existence through expressed art & experiential ceremonies of touch, spirit, and eros.



& Our Origins

For thousands of years, the repression of sexuality has been used as a tool to divide and control people. In actuality, honouring our sexual energy in a sacred way is one of the oldest forms of spirituality. Ancient temples , like the ones in Sumeria, once existed devoted purely to the exploration of the erotic arts and honouring of our sacred sexual magic…the magic that is created through the generation and sharing of our life force (sexual energy). Temple priests and priestesses would initiate others into the ancient forms of working with kundalini and erotic energy for enlightenment, transformational intimacy and connection to Source.

After spending the better part of two decades exploring and studying the esoteric healing arts, I felt there still was a missing link in my understanding of spirit and transcendence.

About Phoenix Amara 

Phoenix Amara is an internationally recognized Prayerformance Ceremonialist, divine feminine guide & the founder of Temple Arts. Having mentored in esoteric studies and metaphysics since her childhood, she continued studying visual arts and a healing path through plant medicines (Ayahuasca, DMT, Psilocybin among others), personal development modalities, and finally the erotic arts. Over the past 8 years, she’s facilitated hundreds of somatic sensual body work journeys for clients, as well as mentoring thousands through her online and in-person trainings, retreats and events.  

Her work could best be described as a FUSION OF SOUL, SEX & ART.

As the former founder of Awakened Woman Convergence (2016, 2017) she’s organized international retreats and conferences in destinations such as Bali, Egypt, Arizona, and has performed and spoken on dozens on stages across North America such as DreamTalks, SoulPlay, Lucidity Festival, and Electric Love Festival. Additional qualifications include Red Lotus Tantra Certification, Usui Reiki Levels 1, 2 & 3, Diploma of Visual Arts, Bachelors of Environmental Design, and feminine leaderships trainings with Nisha Moodley, Emily Utter, and others.

Journeying with Phoenix Amara, you’ll receive loving guidance to return home to the Wise Lover Within through experiential and sensual journeys of romance, touch, compassion and play.

Soul. Sex. Art.

Sacred Sexuality | Spiritual Connection

In exploring the healing methods of Reiki, massage and an introduction to erotic massage – the final piece around transformational healing clicked. This led to studying and digging deeper into the roles of Priestess work, plant medicines, and the connection of sexual energy/kundalini. An awakening of my own healing around the divine masculine/divine feminine, connection with my parents, and the shame and guilt around sexuality led to powerful shifts in my the way I moved in the world. After decades of devoting myself to the exploration of the esoteric sciences and ceremonies of the ancients, self-love, sacred sexuality and Prayerformance, I’m honoured to bring Temple Arts to life through trainings, journeys and mentoring others.

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Temple Arts

Temple Arts weaves ceremonial work, dance, Goddess worship, and transformational intimacy practices. It provides a gateway into accessing the rarely honoured role of our primal, erotic, and animal selves – a gateway that is acknowledged in ancient cultures around the world – the accessing of archetypal energy.

It takes into account the role of the nervous system and trauma, boundaries and consent, along with the connection to Spirit/Source/Universal Wisdom.