This past month has been filled with so many incredible miracles – that I’m feeling. EXTREMELY BLESSED. From having new & beautiful friends entering my life, to finally experiencing the medicine of DMT in a special ceremony, to the beautiful Tantra groups I’ve been leading, and confirmed to study Tantra with a famous master – I’ve been using my practice to open to more love in all ways.

When we continue to align with our most perfect life & self, day-by-day through small yet powerful steps, we begin seeing our lives reflect┬áthe inner self-love, mastery & integrity we’re attuning to. Shifting small habits or patterns of sabotage, self-deprecation, or negativity by things like finding new & positive people to spend time with, signing up for courses or trainings, meditating for 10 min a day, or even kickstarting a new health regime.

What small steps have you taken for yourself in the Last 30 Days that has radically transformed your life? Myself, for example, I’ve tapped into superabundance and the power of miracle creation through refining the words that come out of my mouth and my language. I don’t say things like, “I can’t afford that”, “there’s not enough time for….”, or language that is focused on scarcity, poverty consciousness or lack mentality. 

Instead, if there’s something I desire to have, do, or experience, I say things like: 

  • “I’m not sure how it will happen, but I’m manifesting ______ in my life”
  • “I’m calling in this into my life…….
  • “I’m placing my order of _______ with the Universe”
  • “I’m so grateful for the _______ that will be entering my life soon”

What happens is we allow the relationship we have with Spirit/Creator/Source to deepen because we begin to place greater trust in the divine, and not try to do everything ourselves. Similar to being in a relationship, when someone trusts you – it instills greater radiance in your relationship. 

  • Where could you deepen your trust with the Universe/Source/Spirit/God?
  • Where could you begin ‘letting go & letting God?’
  • Where could you allow the Universe to step up and support your dreams?

Now one of the keys of allowing for your grandest dreams and deepest desires to come to you is to first ask the Universe for support, and also meet it halfway by taking some kind of soul-aligned action.
Whether your deep soul’s desire is for a new home, career, purpose or partnership, we also need to prepare ourselves to actually receive the very thing we want.

If you’ve been calling in love, a deeper connection to a current partner or even to feel more lovable, confident, and embodying self-love, journeying with me in the 7 Week Tantra Immersion starting in January is a simple and easy step to take. 

Our current group has just started, and so far they are absolutely loving it. 

In response to a beautiful quote I shared (that is not mine – but so potent and on point), One participant shared, “I’ve started on a path to learn more about myself, to rediscover love in others and myself. To open my mind to new things and ways of thinking about love & intimacy to build a new path. This journey is about healing, and I am thankful that I found the most amazing guide and teacher. 

And again, before I’ve even publically announced the course, spots have already started filling up. We have 6 Spots left for men in our Saturday’s Class, and 8 Spots left for our Sunday class. And if you pre-register early, you’re available for the Early Registration discounts and installment plans. For example, you can save your spot with only a $210 deposit (before Nov 30th). 

EARLY BIRD APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN>>You can find more details on the course, frequently asked questions, and the tuition payment options at the link below. This is an intimate and beautiful journey, where you’ll learn the foundations of Tantra & also receive your Level 1 Temple Arts Tantra Certificate. Apply and confirm registration by Nov 30th, 2019 to save $400 with a one-time payment of $699 CAD or access the early bird installment plan (one deposit of $210 plus three installments of $210 due Jan, Feb & March).

To jump straight to the application CLICK HERE >>
For all questions not answered on the website, feel free to email me! I read each and every email. 

“We think we want just sex. It’s not always about sex. It’s intimacy we want. To be touched. Looked at. Admired. Smiled at. Laugh with someone. Feel Safe. Feel like someone’s really got you. That’s what we crave. And sex, beautiful soul-shattering sex, is the result of that intimacy.” – quote, unknown