In these early first days of 2020, I’ve been reflecting with gratitude over the past ten years and how much growth, change and transformations have happened. Closing out a decade is a major opportunity to reflect where I’ve been and also where I’m headed in 2020.

Putting a decade into a succinct reflection in no small feat – but In the past ten years I’ve: 

  • Gotten a degree in environmental design from the University of British Columbia with the intentions of becoming an Urban Planner
  • Worked in China as an English Teacher and taught hundreds of students in elementary and high school. 
  • Had my life changed by Burning Man. It was at Burning Man where my creative mind truly cracked open to the power of art & the imagination. It was at Burning Man where I got married and also discovered the power of Tantra. 
  • Was crowned Mrs. British Columbia and helped support and fundraise for local charities and events. 
  • Lived in and also helped co-found some of the coolest collective mansion communities in Victoria B.C. Our communities were hubs for gatherings, workshops, concerts, and places for people to connect in deeper ways. We held hundreds of events, organized fundraisers. 
  • Quit my job and dove into becoming an entrepreneur. I launched the Passion Project with Alecia Repp, ran business masterminds, and also online courses in leadership & creativity. 
  • Gave birth to one of my greatest sources of pride & gratitude – that of becoming a mother to Sahara Skye
  • Launched a global women’s leadership & spirituality conference, and held two international events with hundreds of women participating in both Bali & Arizona. 
  • Came out publicly as a Sacred Spiritual & Sexuality Educator & taught workshops at various events, festivals and retreats

In looking at the diversity of my career choices and also the events that left indelible marks in my soul and consciousness, what I see is that, regardless of how much we can vision into our future, there will be events and choices that take us in entirely new directions.

As our souls grow at rapid and evolutionary rates – along with the rest of the planet, we ultimately may change course or direction depending on what our heart’s whisper to us in the face of change and growth. 

This past decade, the main ways I grew were: 

  • Accepting my innate essence, desires, and interests as being holy. Where I was resisted my creative impulses, inclinations, and expressions as being frivolous, irresponsible, and stupid, I’ve now come to deeply respect my visionary abilities in art, creative expression and sacred sexuality as being HUGE GIFTS for the planet.
  • Listening to where energy is and is not flowing. When energy feels stagnant, stuck, or lifeless in a relationship, direction or project – staying curious and asking questions reveals more about whether the energy wants to move, break, or transform. 
  • Developing a deeper connection to my soul & the Universe. Where I once paid lip service to the power of the creator, I now truly feel at peace in my relationship to the Universe and in communicating with greater compassion and in listening. 
  • Honouring my unique gifts and sharing them with the world – fully and completely. 

Looking forward – 2020 is bringing major action, insight + magic, with: 

  • The embodied confidence and purpose in my path as a Ceremonialist and Sacred Sexuality Educator. I feel so affirmed in my work, and having now worked with hundreds and hundreds of clients over the past 8 years, launching Practitioner Trainings in 2020 just feels so right. 

• The declaration of publishing my first book. This book has been on my list for the past 15 years, and with the manuscript and first draft almost complete, I’m committed to publishing a book on my spiritual path and experiences in 2020. 

• Launching my Level II Temple Arts Practicioner Training this Spring

• Leading my second Level 1 Cohorts through a live course

• & Announcing the launch of my online Level 1 Temple Arts Training

• Creating a Home Base with family on special land on Vancouver Island. A dream that has also been 15 years in the making, I’m ready to call in the land that will be home to hosting retreats and transformational healing experiences in 2020. 

• Opening to a Love Relationship. Over the past four years I’ve been on a solo path of healing, and the timing feels ready and ripe to open in a transformational partnership that will be healing, loving, and beautiful!

I know there’s more to be envisioned, created and expressed – though for now, this little dream list feels so good and ripe.

What has helped me navigate in times of doubt, confusion or fear has been listening to my body – does this decision feel good & delicious in my being? Does it feel pleasurable? Does it light me up?

Regardless of where you’ve been or where you’re headed, be mindful to listen to whether you make decisions from fear or pleasure. Let passionate desires open you to more intentional choices aligned with who you are and what makes you happy. Let happiness lead you….

What are you celebrating from your past ten years? Where are you heading over 2020 and the next ten years to come?

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